First Off

This website ScorpioCoding is build upon our homegrown Simple Mvc application.
Which is in development fase and thus a forever on going evolution.
So Up Front we apologize for any hickups you may notice or experience.

That said if you do experience issues please let us know so we can iron them out.
Just use the Contact form below.


ScorpioCoding focuses on Design & Development projects for the internet.
Such as our own Simple Mvc.
Also we invest a lot of time in learning and giving back to the community.

@ Sc we enjoy what we do and we are passionate about our projects.
There are no small projects..


Desiging managable, accessible and user-friendly projects for our clients.
Using current techniques such as:

  • Sketching and Wireframing (sometimes just with pencil and paper)
  • Mindmapping our clients website desires to generate a overal picture,
  • Ui/Ux techniques to establish the best internet Flow for our client and his viewers,
  • The use of photoshop mockUps for a glimps into teh future end product.
  • and many more.


Developing with tools and techniques to achieve our clients websites desire.
Techniques such as:

  • HTML5 and TWIG for layout and templating
  • CSS and SASS for Styling
  • JS and jQuery for client-side interaction
  • PHP and MySql for server-side data-handling.
  • Frontend frameworks like Zurb Fondation 6, Bootstrap 4, Flat UI
  • Backend frameworks like SimpleMvc, CodeIgniter, Symfony
  • Repository like GitHub and BitBucket and GitLab


There is a design and it's been develop but what maintaining it and first off where to put it.
Services are tasks that are as important as design & development of good websites
Here are a few of them...

  • Web hosting and Domain registration
  • There's server configuratie and version control
  • Branding, SEO, Imaging, Scripting, etc...etc...etc...

Need Help ?

  • Need a Landing page, a blog, a foto taken or just advise?
  • Want to overhall or upgrade or extend your current website?
  • Create a blog or vlog?
  • Show your accomplishments with a Portfolio?
  • Sell your goods online with Ecommerce?
  • Need an internal company application? "Company - Employee Communication platform"
  • Want to put your Name out there?
  • Don't know how to or just need a little help?

Get in touch, ask your question or request a sit-down
Go on, use the contact form below.
And we'll talk soon.