Building Custom and Professional Webdesigns
with Passion for Excellence.

Using proven techniques and technologies to design
Responsive and Innovating creations
for all to enjoy

and Loving every minute of it.


Bringing our Marvelous Designs to Life requires

Hours and Hours pounding away @ the keyboard
using fantastic internet technologies.

Php - MySql - Html - Js - jQuery - Css - Sass - Foundation
Pug - Twig - NodeJs - Gulp

And putting it all in a Repository for save keeping
BitBucket or GitHup.

{ Simple Mvc }

Simple Mvc, a homegrown Php - MySql - Mvc framework is build using Simple Mvc
Simple Mvc can be found on BitBucket

Current Status - Paused

{ Sc History }

Version 1.0
SC website is mainly static html & php with inline php code.
Version 2.0
SC gets a mvc structure and Simple Mvc is born.
Version 3.0
Came a frontend- framework Zurb Foundation 6.
Version 4.0
We're uping our game and going for a HMvc.
Going modular with Symfony 4